Scope for Growth: Building Asia’s Smart Cities

This whitepaper is sponsored by CommScope.

Asia’s mega-cities are bulging at the seams, as urbanisation takes rapid hold in many developing economies. Governments, businesses and citizens are establishing partnerships to resolve many of the roadblocks that come with unprecedented growth.

But many of the paradigms for inter-department and public-private cooperation are complex, and there are often no previous examples to follow. Efforts to organise cities and to power them with technology can be directionless unless a strong vision at the very top — along with active citizen participation — directs energies towards making cities smarter and more livable.

The Scope for Growth magazine (published by Jicara Media and sponsored by CommScope) addresses many of these challenges and explores issues and case studies around smart cities, with a focus on Asia. It covers the following topics:

  • How can various technologies be tied together to make a city “smart”? What are some of these key technologies?
  • What impact do political considerations have on smart city development?
  • What implications will the advent of 5G have on building up smart city infrastructure?
  • How Apurva Kempinski in Bali transformed connectivity in its campus.
  • How citizen engagement can be the secret to smart city development.
  • Who takes charge of smart city developments, and how can government and business work together to make it happen?
  • How urban clusters will revolve around live-work-play communities and what this means for technology planners.

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