Samsung SDS, CMC to ramp up tech in Vietnam, SE Asia markets

Samsung SDS and Vietnam’s CMC signed last July 26 a strategic investment cooperation contract, through which  Samsung SDS representatives will join the board of directors of CMC, share business strategies and build mutual growth promotion programs.

In cooperation with Samsung SDS, CMC will receive the benefits from the resonance in technology strength and market potential, further enhance Southeast Asia market.

In return Samsung SDS will also improve its position in the Vietnamese market by integrating the latest technologies and solutions into CMC’s business network.

Samsung SDS and CMC will cooperate to develop business in key technology fields including Smart Factory, Cloud, Security, Building Management System IoT, and Digital Signage. The two parties continue to develop business in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain and Big Data.

In the business of Smart Factory, Samsung SDS and CMC will focus on Korean factories in Vietnam, then expand their deployment to Vietnamese companies.

Further, Samsung SDS also plans to cooperate with CMC to make the company to become GDC Global Software Development and Maintenance Centre in the Southeast Asian market. CMC will act as the main partner in business operations in Asia and on the global scale of Samsung SDS.

”We believe this cooperation will create miracle in the wave of digital transformation, enhancing Vietnam’s position on the world technology map,” said Nguyen Trung Chinh, chairman and CEO of CMC.

WP Hong, chairman and CEO of Samsung SDS, said that together with CMC, his company will promote business to support the digital transformation process of customers on a global scale.