Salim pushes data-led strategy with Google Cloud

Photo courtesy of Google Cloud

Indonesian conglomerate Salim Group entered into a strategic partnership with Google Cloud to advance its digital transformation strategy. 

Salim Group is engaged in multiple industries, in multiple markets, and employs hundreds of thousands of people. 

With Salim Group’s vast operations, the need to orchestrate and synchronise the digital transformation process of its businesses has become essential. 

“Salim Group believes in the importance of data,” said Axton Salim, executive director of Salim Group.

“With Google Cloud’s experience in big data and analytics, we see them as a partner that is capable in assisting Salim Group’s business goals now and into the future,” said Salim.

With Google Cloud, Salim expects to enable its diverse group of businesses to innovate with greater performance and reliability. 

The collaboration will also pave the way for continued adoption of new cloud-based technologies such as Google Cloud’s advanced AI and ML applications across Salim Group to support new digital business models. 

“The work we’re doing with Salim Group represents what’s possible when we apply the transformative power of the cloud to traditional businesses and industries,” said Megawaty Khie, country director of Google Cloud in Indonesia.