Salestrekker signs up Annature for exclusive e-signing

Salestrekker CRM is now using Annature’s electronic signature platform exclusively for e-signing hundreds of thousands of documents each year. 

Salestrekker is used by almost 10,000 mortgage and finance brokers to organise, collaborate and automate home loan, personal, asset, and commercial finance details.

Annature is a globally focused solution, built on blockchain technology to ensure its data stored within the platform and with global data partners remains secure and onshore at all times.

Salestrekker CEO and founder Dalibor Ivkovic said that since it was created in 2016, Salestrekker has remained at the forefront of cloud-based customer relationship software for the Finance industry. 

Ivkovic said the Australia-based company is always seeking new opportunities to boost the efficiency, productivity and overall performance of its broad client base. It’s currently growing 30 per cent every year.

“We robustly tested Annature and it easily managed every aspect — integration, performance, security, customer service and price,” he added. “A very different experience to what we’d encountered with non-Australian signature companies.”

Salestrekker provides an end-to-end solution for home loans, asset finance and personal loans. It’s aim is to be fully digital so that their brokers don’t have to find pen and paper, sign a document, load paper, print and scan and then send it by insecure email to a bank, which then has to repeat that process. Digitisation will also eliminate the need to find space for storing hundreds of thousands of documents a year.

“Because we have ISO 27001 certification in Australia, we can assure customers that everything we do is secure,” said Amreeta Abbott, CEO and founder of Annature. “Our philosophy of being API-driven means we easily integrate into their systems, without them having to change everything to accommodate a new provider.”

She said that Salestrekker was attracted by Annature’s capacity to integrate smoothly into their systems, their ISO 27001 certification, and by a pricing structure that helped their bottom line.”

Annature is Australian owned and operated. All data is securely stored onshore, with customer service and technical teams in-country and easily accessible.