RZY Express gets HokuApps to shore up ops amidst COVID-19

RZY Express Transport, a third-party logistics operator specialising in fulfillment services chose HokuApps as the preferred technology partner amidst accelerated digital transformation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To boost their operational efficiency, RZY Express will leverage HokuApps’ mobile application development platform to build a fully integrated operations management system. This centralised solution is expected to enable them to scale and adapt to the ever-changing needs of the COVID-affected market.

RZY Express handles every aspect of the order fulfillment, starting from ensuring that their clients’ items are timely picked, secured, and shipped accurately to managing the entire return process itself. 

HokuApps will be working closely with RZY Express to deliver a fully integrated and centralised operations management system that will automate all the manual workflows in their day-to-day operations. The objective is to eliminate the high dependency on aging legacy systems and manual intensive operational processes, delays in communication, and lack of security in maintaining confidential information. 

HokuApps will create an enterprise mobility solution for drivers and a backend administrative console for the admin team, which will enable RZY Express to easily scale its operations across Asia-Pacific regions and serve its rapidly increasing customer more efficiently. 

The digitised solution will include custom-built features like viewing all the pick-up job information from sellers and viewing the reconciliation and tally of the scanned parcels on a centralised location without any hassle. 

Also, it will provide a smart and automated solution to set up the driver’s schedule, facilitate a two-way communication feature that offers real-time notifications to eliminate delays, provide insights into the scheduled pick up and delivery jobs and generate auto-generated reports from the system for ease of access and end-to-end visibility.

RZY Express owner Eunice Tan said that until today, their organisation heavily relies on paper-based activities and manual tasks for critical business processes. 

“It made complete sense for us to leverage HokuApps’ low-code platform for such tasks, given the fact that their platform already has embedded process automation tooling that would enable us to be adaptable, flexible, and future-proof,” said Tan.

Arif Gafar, director of sales at HokuApps, said that with the help of their low-code mobile applications development platform, they will be able to access the data that is in RZY Express’s legacy systems and shift it to a cloud-based ecosystem.