RSPCA in Oz rolls out smarter network with Juniper

The not-for-profit Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, New South Wales (RSPCA NSW) chose Juniper Networks to help facilitate its digital transformation initiative. 

RSPCA NSW’s digital transformation will be key to its ultimate goal of improving animal welfare education and keeping people and animals together.

In 2021 alone, over 24,000 animals came through the doors of RSPCA NSW across six shelters and three veterinary hospitals for treatment, protection, rehabilitation and rehoming. 

Thanks to the support of RSPCA NSW’s community of animal lovers and a multi-million-dollar grant from the State Government, the RSPCA NSW Yagoona shelter has been transformed into a new state-of-the-art Adoption and Education Centre. 

Following a physical expansion which saw the Sydney Headquarters double in size with improvements across its various facilities, RSPCA NSW upgraded its existing aging technology infrastructure as part of this refresh to provide better digitally-enabled experiences across its spaces. 

This included the deployment of a range of networking solutions across Juniper’s AI-driven wired and wireless portfolio, which has enabled RSPCA NSW to offer a stronger digital experience for its staff and prospective pet parents alike.

Among other improvements, it can now better monitor animals under its care through Bluetooth LE location tracking technology, while also streamlining operations across a multi-site network managed by a lean two-person team. In addition, the upgrades have enabled improved access to data and applications for its veterinary staff, educators and volunteers.

Alongside Juniper Networks, RSPCA NSW’s digital transformation has gone one step further than being just a physical one, having allowed the not-for-profit to adapt to new ways of working by moving applications to the cloud and the modernisation of its IT infrastructure – all while further enabling its mission of caring for the abandoned, neglected, sick and surrendered animals across the state.

“Together, we have been able to expand on the RSPCA’s existing capabilities to facilitate better interactions with the public with the end goal of improving animal welfare, while also improving the experience for staff, volunteers and customers,” said Bruce Bennie, Juniper Networks VP and general manager in Australia and New Zealand.

Julian Manche, head of finance and IT at RSPCA NSW, said they wanted to start fresh with a clean slate and to ensure that they built out a smarter and more reliable network. 

“The upgrades have allowed us to better extend access to applications and data to our employees and provide secure guest Wi-Fi, among other developments (that have) allowed us to create new efficiencies across our shelters, clinical care and education,” said Manche. “This will truly help our business continue its mission to actively promote the care and protection of animals.”