Roche dives deeper into Google Workspace

Switzerland-based global pharmaceutical firm Roche is expanding its adoption of the collaboration solution Google Workspace to include Google Meet, Slides, Sheets, and Google Cloud Search.

In 2012, Roche chose Google Workspace as its foundational platform to drive collaboration and innovation, particularly as it provides secure, real-time, multi-device collaboration through Google Calendar and Gmail.

Google Workspace has also been foundational as Roche extends its agile transformation journey across all regions and value chains — including establishing cross-functional teams across the organisation and around the world, helping to break down silos and driving co-creation and accelerate innovation.

In late 2020, as part of accelerating innovation for more than 100,000 Roche employees and a global network of business partners, the company signed a five-year agreement with Google Workspace to extend their partnership.

“The pandemic situation has provided us with some great insights into how to work in an almost entirely virtual world,” said Egle Bronzini Bedini, head of global infrastructure solutions at Roche.

“It has certainly changed the way in which we collaborate and innovate, and shown that agility is not just a fancy concept at Roche,” she said.

Because of its investments in Google Workspace, Roche was in a strong position to shift seamlessly to remote work when the pandemic occurred. 

A secure, work-from-anywhere environment meant that tens of thousands of employees, contractors, and suppliers whose physical presence wasn’t required on site could make the pivot, with the access to the information — and each other — they needed to be successful. 

Also, Roche employees could stay connected to those who needed to be on site, in the laboratories and manufacturing divisions. Within days of the transition, Roche saw an increase of more than 600% in virtual meetings over Google Meet as new ways of working became commonplace.