Rigetti opens access to quantum computers via Amazon Web Services

Rigetti Computing has made available its quantum computers through Amazon Braket, a new, fully managed Amazon Web Services (AWS) solution that allows scientists, researchers, and developers to begin experimenting with computers from quantum hardware providers in a single place.

Rigetti has also joined the AWS Partner Network (APN) as a solutions provider working with enterprise customers to develop quantum computing applications.

“By collaborating with AWS, we will be able to deliver access to our systems to a much broader market and help accelerate the growth of this emerging industry,” said Chad Rigetti, founder and CEO of Rigetti Computing.

Users of Amazon Braket service will have access to Rigetti’s latest quantum processors based on 32-qubit superconducting chip technology.

This creates the potential for organisations running scientific or industrial applications on AWS to augment those workflows by integrating quantum capabilities into their existing application architectures.

“We believe that opening up access to current stage quantum computers is a crucial step in accelerating the development of useful applications,” said Simone Severini, director of quantum computing at Amazon Web Services. “Together with providers like Rigetti, we can make it easier for researchers to innovate, with the shared goal of realising the true long-term potential of quantum computing.”

The collaboration significantly expands customer access to Rigetti quantum systems, which have been available since 2017. To date, users have leveraged Rigetti’s increasingly powerful systems to run more than 120 million programs to advance near-term applications in simulation, optimisation and complex systems.

As part of the APN, Rigetti’s application development team works across quantum hardware platforms to develop custom software solutions focused on simulation, optimisation and machine learning for industry-leading organisations in finance, insurance, pharmaceuticals, defence, and energy.