RGE streamlines talent management, workforce development with Workday

Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) has successfully deployed Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) to digitally transform its HR processes and capabilities across its workforce.

Producer of natural fibers, edible oils, green packaging, and clean natural gas, Singapore-based RGE maintains operations across Indonesia, China, Brazil, Spain, and Canada. 

Implementing Workday HCM has allowed RGE’s people managers and employees to have greater autonomy over HR tasks such as performance reviews and career development planning. 

In turn, this has enabled RGE to develop its workforce more effectively and efficiently through the creation of a high-performance culture that empowers its employees to continually reskill and upskill to stay relevant. 

With data-driven workforce planning, RGE also has complete visibility across the entire talent management process and is well-positioned to rapidly respond to unforeseen changes in a dynamic business landscape.

In addition, as the organisation is both multinational and multicultural, it required a single, unified HR system that works across all markets and reduces silos created by legacy and disparate systems. 

Workday’s HCM system enabled RGE to consolidate all its workforce and employee data on a single platform, enabling standardisation of HR processes and improving workflows across its entire organisation. 

This new system now provides a complete picture of all HR processes in real-time, allowing RGE to mine actionable insights and make smarter, data-backed decisions that translate to real business value and drive sustainable growth.

“Workday’s simple-to-use interface makes it much easier for us to streamline our people processes, allowing us to manage our workforce more efficiently on one platform,” said Bey Soo Khiang, vice chairman of RGE. “As RGE continues to expand our global operations, we are delighted to partner with Workday in our digitalisation journey, so we can build greater agility and better connect with our employees as we move forward together as one.” 

Sandeep Sharma, Workday president of Asia, said that amid the transition to a digital-first economy, having the right technology and processes that cater to effective talent management will be crucial in developing the workforce of the future.