Renji Hospital pioneers blockchain-based IVF service app

Renji Hospital, affiliated with the Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, in partnership with VeChain and DNV has launched a smart medical care project dubbed MyBaby, touted as the world’s first blockchain-based in-vitro fertilization (IVF) Service Application.

By improving the IVF process from data management to providing families with the ability to clearly see the development of their baby, VeChain believes that MyBaby can play a key role in easing anxiety, depression and stress associated with the IVF cycle.

The Assisted Reproductive Service Center of Renji Hospital currently treats about 400,000 outpatients each year and with this first-step towards embracing blockchain innovation, the centre can enhance transparency and data security for all parties. 

The promised outcome is greater trust in data, enhanced healthcare provider decision-making, providing greater data security for all parties, and most importantly, lessening the emotional and physical burden of women and families involved.

By combining the professional assurance services of DNV with VeChain’s advanced blockchain technology, MyBaby enables the verification of key steps of IVF and provides private, exclusive, end-to-end data access for prospective parents undergoing treatment. 

Vechain said MyBaby is the first service of its kind to combine the merits of third-party assured data verification with the immutability of blockchain technology. All information, imagery and data trails, from imagery produced by medical tools to the delivery of the zygote itself will be securely uploaded on VeChainThor blockchain and is only accessible to authorized users of the MyBaby app.

MyBaby allows users to view and track the extraction, labelling and scoring of fertilised eggs as well as the cultivation and preservation of embryos. The app also solves the traditional problems associated with the privacy of sensitive medical data by minimising the amount of intermediaries between production and delivery of data. 

“We continue to see an increase in opportunities in our partnership with Renji Hospital, thanks to our unique approach of ‘blockchain + data quality assurance’ model alongside key strategic partner DNV,” said VeChain co-founder and CEO Sunny Lu.