Razer taps Vonage to harness AI for customer engagement

Cloud communications firm Vonage is enabling consumer electronics firm Razer to engage with customers in the Asia-Pacific region and allow direct purchases of gaming gear and accessories on social media using Vonage’s conversational commerce application, Jumper.ai.

Jumper.ai is Vonage’s end-to-end conversational commerce solution that enables brands to create omnichannel, messaging-first customer buying experiences across popular messaging, social and web platforms.

Razer has multiple direct-to-consumer (D2C) channels including retail stores and Razer.com. 

With conversational commerce capabilities powered by Vonage, Razer now aims to use its strong social media presence — over 24 million followers across all platforms — to continually improve on their omnichannel experiences.

“Using Vonage’s conversational commerce application, we cater directly to the changing demands of our customers through a seamless commerce flow,” said Mandy Arbilo, associate director of Razer’s global ecommerce platform. 

“Overwhelmingly, our youth segments have a preference for social,” sid Arbilo. “Razer’s community and D2C strategy has a stronghold in social channels building an ever growing global community.”

He said fans are able to connect with Razer directly, enabling an opportune moment for social commerce to add value to our customer experience.

Yash Kotak, senior director of product management at Vonage and founder of Jumper.ai, said, “Southeast Asia has surpassed countries such as the United States, Mexico, India, and Brazil in both awareness and adoption of conversational commerce. 

“Using our conversational commerce application, ecommerce players like Razer can leverage their presence on social media to create a seamless shopping experience and gain their customers’ trust through personalised conversations around their products and offerings,” said Kotak.

Recent enhancements to Vonage’s Jumper.ai conversational commerce solution enable brands to seamlessly invite buyers to a live video interaction with an in-store associate or customer service agent. 

This allows consumers to engage in personal conversations about products from anywhere while helping retailers build trusted relationships with customers.