Rakuten Mobile picks Robin.io for cloud-native network

Rakuten Mobile has selected Robin.io to enable Rakuten Mobile’s end-to-end cloud-native network, enabling Rakuten to create a cloud-native deployment model that is optimised with Robin’s application-aware storage and carrier-grade networking.

Rakuten chose Robin Platform for automating deployment, scaling and lifecycle management that accelerate service delivery, improve the end-user experience, and reduce infrastructure and operational costs of telco and service delivery applications.

“We are thrilled to leverage Robin’s application automation capabilities that advance Rakuten’s plan to deploy an end-to-end cloud-native wireless service,” said Tareq Amin, Rakuten Mobile’s Chief Technology Officer.

“Robin is proud to be part of Rakuten’s Mobile’s game-changing approach to making 5G a reality,” said Jef Graham, CEO of Robin.io.