Rakuten Mobile cloud platform goes global with Equinix

Rakuten Mobile Singapore has chosen Platform Equinix as a foundation to deliver its Rakuten Communications Platform (RCP) to global operators and enterprise customers. 

The deployment will be completed in phases, with initial deployment in Singapore, the location of Rakuten Mobile’s international headquarters, and Los Angeles with future expansions planned across the United States; Europe Middle Eeast and Africa region; and Asia Pacific.

Rakuten Mobile intends to offer RCP as a set of key technologies and services that allows governments, telecom companies and enterprises a way to easily build and deploy fully cloud-native network services at speed and low cost. 

In order to enable customers around the world to deploy RCP in an open, scalable and highly secure manner, Equinix’s global footprint and reliable infrastructure is expected to be integral to the global growth of RCP.

Leveraging Platform Equinix’s globally distributed and reliable network infrastructure, Rakuten Mobile will be able to deliver secure, high-speed and low-latency network services to its customers outside of Japan.

Rakuten Mobile will join Platform Equinix’s interconnected global ecosystem, with over 2,900 cloud service providers and 1,800 network service providers. 

In addition, Rakuten Mobile will also be able to deploy and connect virtual network services at the edge in minutes, on demand, addressing the dynamic interconnection bandwidth requirements and network spikes

“The first phase of deployment in Singapore and Los Angeles lays ground for future international expansion of its mobile business,” said Justin Dustzadeh,  CTO of Equinix. 

“With Platform Equinix, Rakuten Mobile can take advantage of our global footprint and solid network ecosystems to deliver high-speed, low-latency and secure services to its customers around the globe,” said Dustzadeh.