Rakuten group rings up Mobileum for analytics

Rakuten Mobile has engaged Mobileum, global provider of analytics solutions for communications service providers, for the deployment of the latter’s Active Intelligence Platform.

The platform includes telecom solutions for network security, roaming and core network, testing and monitoring, risk management, and customer engagement and experience.

Also, Rakuten Mobile will use Mobileum’s unified Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management services in addition to a suite of advanced analytics solutions to connect deep network and operational intelligence with real-time actions to improve customer experience and reduce costs.

Further, Rakuten Mobile signed collaboration and partnership agreements with Mobileum, through which they will jointly develop products to solve some of the industry’s key security, risk, and 5G testing challenges for telecom operators worldwide. 

Mobileum’s solutions will also be available to global operators through Rakuten Symphony as part of the Rakuten Communications Platform.

Tareq Amin, CEO at Rakuten Symphony and CTO at Rakuten Mobile, said the partnership with Mobileum will enrich the mobile experience and engagement for their customers and also ensure that their engineers have access to real-time operational intelligence across Rakuten Mobile’s Japan-wide network.