Pony.ai, Toyota rev up autonomous driving in China

Chinese firm Pony.ai and Toyota are teaming up on an autonomous driving pilot to accelerate the development and deployment of autonomous vehicles. 

Together, the two companies will explore a variety of possibilities to provide safe mobility services for all.

Since late 2018, Pony.ai has been testing its robotaxi pilot service PonyPilot, starting with Guangzhou. This made the company the first to launch a robotaxi operation and offer autonomous rides to the general public in China.

In June 2019, the company also obtained a robotaxi operation permit in California.

Toyota will accelerate its business in China via collaboration with selected Chinese companies.

Autonomous driving technology is the key to creating a better transportation system and delivering value to the lives of many. Through such collaborations, Toyota and Pony.ai are accelerating the arrival of a safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable mobility future for all.