PLDT, Philippine Science High School enhance learning in Mindanao

PLDT Enterprise has partnered with the Philippine Science High School-Central Mindanao Campus (PSHS-CMC) to equip the school with digital solutions, including iGate, Enterprise Broadband, and Smart Messaging Suite. 

This collaboration aims to elevate the educational experience of its students and faculty by ensuring reliable connectivity and efficient communication across the campus.

Since the early days of their relocation to Nangka Balo-I Lanao del Norte in 2008, PSHS-CMC has relied exclusively on PLDT Enterprise for internet connectivity. 

This long-standing partnership has enabled the school to evolve into a digitally advanced campus, equipping students and faculty members with the necessary tools to enhance learning experiences and teaching opportunities.

“PLDT Enterprise is committed to fostering the academic sector by enhancing digital access and capabilities which are fundamental for educational institutions today,” said Roberto W. Suzon, PLDT Enterprise CRB Northmin Head. 

The services provided by PLDT Enterprise include dedicated internet lines through iGate and Enterprise Broadband, ensuring symmetrical upload and download speeds critical for the school’s operations. 

Additionally, the Smart Messaging Suite facilitates seamless communication, enabling the school to send informational advisories and updates efficiently to students and staff.

This collaboration is part of PLDT Enterprise’s broader initiative to support educational institutions across the country, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary digital tools to thrive in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.