PayU, Zoho CRM link up to boost online merchants in India

Image courtesy of Zoho

PayU has integrated its online payment services with Zoho CRM, one of India’s largest multichannel customer relationship management (CRM) software.

The integration helps merchants in India who are looking to digitise their entire sales cycle and use PayU’s powerful payment collection and tracking along with a multichannel CRM platform to drive sales and grow their business.

Also, the integration enables users to seamlessly add secure payment requests and collection features to Zoho CRM; helps businesses to easily track payment requests and handle reconciliation; and allows customers to easily complete payment through multiple options like credit cards, debit cards, UPI, and net-banking.

By partnering with Zoho CRM, PayU India aims to break this siloed approach and simplify payment processes by streamlining payment collection, tracking and reconciliation.

In turn, partnering with PayU will help Zoho CRM leverage PayU India’s customised payment processing solutions, thereby enabling Indian businesses to process all online payments from a secure payment channel, and close deals faster while meeting customer demand for convenient online payment methods.

“With this partnership, Indian businesses will be able to manage their client’s information, business and their payments — all from one place,” said Nameet Potnis, VP of marketing and growth at PayU. “With this association, we are expecting a surge in PayU India’s business, since all the merchants using PayU’s payment functionality on the Zoho CRM dashboard will be registered as PayU merchants as well.”

Raju Vegesna, chief evangelist at Zoho, said they consider the partnership as a first step for further collaboration.

“Our association with PayU India helps Indian businesses reach more customers and grow their business while also offering a seamless hyper-local solution to accept online payments,” he said.