ONE Championship, Microsoft team up on digital fan experience

ONE Championship and Microsoft have partnered to harness the Microsoft cloud, including Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365, to transform digital fan experiences and enhance collaboration for employees.

Microsoft is now ONE’s preferred cloud and data services provider, powering its digital transformation and accelerating innovation across all touchpoints.

Through this partnership, ONE will leverage the power of the cloud and data to build new capabilities and deliver cutting-edge digital experiences for its millions of fans around the world.

ONE will further enhance its over-the-top platform by leveraging Azure to accelerate its streaming services and personalised content offers for fans around the world. AI-powered recommendation engines and analytics on fan behaviour and viewing habits will allow ONE to better engage fans across all touchpoints and provide them with reimagined, tailor-made experiences.

Through Azure AI, machine learning and data analytics, ONE will expand its core data capabilities and transform its direct-to-consumer digital experiences. Also, ONE will fans with unique sets of data and statistics to better understand the strength of a kick or a punch.

The collaboration between Microsoft and ONE will also allow fans to experience events remotely with the flexibility and scalability needed to address increasing demand from end users — especially now when sports entertainment shifts to digital.

In the future, the partnership will also enable ONE to explore other innovations such as the use of holographic computing in injury prevention; as well as the ability to improve athletic performance through AI and machine learning.

ONE will roll out Microsoft 365, including Microsoft Teams, as the primary productivity platform for ONE employees worldwide, helping to ensure seamless collaboration in a new remote work reality.

ONE and Microsoft will also leverage the Global Sports Innovation Centre, a collaborative initiative between private, public and academic partners powered by Microsoft, to support innovation in the sports industry around the world.