Oatman Farms signs up to use blockchain for supply chain transparency

Oatman Farms is the latest brand to sign on to use Producers Market’s StoryBird supply chain application, powered by VeChain, for traceability of their products.

Despite selling a high-demand, on-trend breakout product, Oatman Farms needed a solution to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 on the global food industry while addressing explosive growth in consumer demand for transparency, trust, and economic equity in value chains.

StoryBird collects and uploads authentic product information onto the VeChainThor Blockchain. By doing so, the application enables all stakeholders, from farmers to processors, added-value parties and e-commerce platforms, buyers, and end consumers to validate product origin. 

“Oatman Farms adopted StoryBird for its farm and organic baking mixes because it allows us to showcase and differentiate our farming practices, ingredients and finished products with clarity, flair and transparency,” said owner Dax Hansen.

For brands, StoryBird offers a competitive advantage by allowing businesses to highlight the unique attributes of their products.

“StoryBird is a tool that connects people with the journey of their products by allowing them to actually see the people and communities who are economically impacted by their purchase, as well as tracing the product’s supply chain,” said Alex Karzag, head of product at Producers Market. 

Karzag said tyhe idea is to give consumers the choice to buy a product that represents their values, whilst fostering greater equity and accountability in agricultural supply chains all around the world.

“VeChain’s architectural structure was also a key factor as it readily allowed us to apply a Resources, Event, Agents (REA) accounting approach, a modeling technique that traces all the resources in a supply chain, captures the value creation pattern in all interactions, and reveals why business processes occur,” he said.