NTU Singapore pushes THz 6G tech with Keysight test solutions

The Centre for Disruptive Photonic Technologies in Singapore has selected the Keysight Technologies’ software-centric test and measurement solutions to advance 6G technology based on terahertz frequencies. 

The centre chose Keysight’s solutions to validate on-chip terahertz electronic-photonic devices such as transceivers. 

A part of the Nanyang Technological University system, the centre leverages terahertz frequencies to develop a unique electronic-photonic hybrid approach. It can be used to design mobile devices capable of efficiently operating at data rates of up to several terabits per second (Tbps). 

Many emerging applications and future 6G use cases — including augmented reality, holographic communication and mobile edge computing — rely on such high data rate speeds.

Boon Juan Tan, VP and general manager of Keysight’s general electronics measurements solutions group, said Keysight is contributing to breakthroughs in 6G technology by providing NTU with a 6G testbed that accurately analyses unchartered terrain spanning electronics and photonics technologies for their TeraX Lab.

“Together with pacesetters such as NTU, Keysight is enabling high-speed data transfer links critical to realising a wide range of consumer, enterprise and government 6G applications,” said Tan.

Keysight’s integrated software and hardware tools, with advanced performance in measurement science applicable to 6G technologies, enable NTU to accurately characterise complex transceiver modules. 

Keysight combines the company’s high-speed arbitrary waveform generator, optical modulation analyser with highly detectable symbol rates, network analyser , PSG analog signal generator with compact upconverters and downconverters from Virginia Diodes and PathWave Vector Signal Analysis software to create a turnkey solution for comprehensive testing and validation of on-chip terahertz electronic-photonic devices.

“NTU Singapore, through [the] Centre, will leverage its research strengths to explore the boundaries of new designs for 6G, as well as other emerging technologies, with the help of Keysight’s solutions,” said Ranjan Singh, associate professor at the Physics and Applied Physics Department, NTU. 

“NTU’s research into the frontiers of 6G technology will help bring to life innovations that will enhance human connection, health and safety, while improving efficiencies across multiple industries,” said Singh.

Keysight’s multi-disciplinary capabilities support the development of terabit communication speeds, artificial intelligence, cloud native IoT applications, non-terrestrial networks, time sensitive networking and new end-to-end security paradigms. 

Keysight said it partners with global leaders in 6G such as NTU to conduct research and development including trials and proof of concepts.