NTT Com readies Indonesia’s largest data centre

Image courtesy of NTT Com

NTT Communications, the ICT solutions and international communications business within the NTT Group, will develop a new data centre campus at Bekasi, Indonesia, which will be the largest in the country. 

The new campus will be known as “Indonesia Jakarta 3 Data Centre” (JKT3) and is capable of up to 18,000 square meters (7,800 racks) IT space and 45MW IT load once fully developed.

NTT notes that, in Indonesia, demand has been growing 21% yearly, triggered by the government’s requirement for financial institutions to use data centres starting October 2017. In addition, there is a strong demand from over-the-top (OTT) operators that target the largest population in Southeast Asia and the fourth-largest in the world.

JKT3 is intended to enable customers to customise the server room as well as provide colocation space by the rack. It will meet various customer’s requirements, in particular, from OTTs and financial institutions that need flexible facility design.

For reliability and scalability, JKT3 is designed to meet NTT Com’s globally observed “Nexcenter” Data Centre Standards. It will have two power plants to supply electricity by two different routes. Power facilities in data centres, power supplies for air conditioning and security, and communication facilities are all redundant. In addition, modular building systems fit customers’ preferences, and provides flexibility in line with business expansion.

Also, NTT Com provides standardised operation processes, including monitoring IT infrastructure in 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure the stable operation regarding a customer’s IT system.

Further, NTT Com plans to install major careers’ cables by different routes. Customers will also enjoy benefits from various network services, such as connection with major IX — Internet Exchange, an interconnection point on the Internet that connects multiple Internet service providers — from JKT2 through data centre connection; high-speed, large-capacity IP communication service “Global IP Network;” and high-reliability VPN service “Arcstar Universal One.”

This network environment enables a customer to design its IT system with carrier neutrality and to create a vertical ICT environment that combines multiple cloud services, including NTT Com data centres and other companies’ services around the world.