Nokia to launch Keysight’s AI software in 5G manufacturing processes

Photo courtesy of Nokia

Keysight Technologies said it has validated an innovative new software approach, leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced data analytics, in Nokia’s 5G base station manufacturing processes, significantly improving test efficiency.

The two companies have expanded a collaboration to help the leading network equipment manufacturer optimize test processes critical in advanced manufacturing.

Keysight combined expertise in automated test and cloud-computing with machine learning (ML) applied to Nokia’s historical manufacturing data to demonstrate significant reductions in test times. Following the successful validation, Nokia has moved to implement Keysight’s advanced AI software into the vendor’s 5G manufacturing processes.

5G equipment is considerably more complex compared to legacy technology equipment, which is increasing test times in manufacturing processes. As 5G deployments ramp up around the world, manufacturers of 5G equipment look for ways to optimise test processes, allowing them to maintain competitive delivery schedules.

Keysight used advanced software technology developed by Keysight Laboratories, the company’s applied research arm, to analyse vast amounts of historical manufacturing data provided by Nokia. This allowed Nokia to make data driven test strategy decisions and develop optimised manufacturing test plans.

“Keysight’s extended 5G collaboration with Nokia, initiated more than three years ago, signals an inflection point in the commercialisation of the next generation of mobile communications,” said Giampaolo Tardioli, VP and general manager of Keysight’s network access group.

“By combining leading hardware and advanced software solutions, Keysight is well-positioned to help wireless manufacturers such as Nokia capture the full potential of 5G,” said Tardioli.

The new advanced AI software capabilities will be integrated into the company’s PathWave Software Suite. Keysight’s close collaborations, multi-domain technology expertise in areas such as AI and cloud-based test capabilities will help a wider industry address complex manufacturing test requirements.

“Close collaborations such as the one we enjoy with Keysight help us create world-leading intelligent factories and support our strategy to deliver 5G solutions that exceed customers’ expectations,” said Erja Sankari, VP of supply chain engineering at Nokia.