No phoney business: How Sleek solved its call centre hiccup

Image courtesy of Petr Macháček on Unsplash.

Registering a business can be a complicated undertaking, especially for people who are just getting started in the game.

This is exactly the obstacle that digital platform Sleek seeks to eliminate. The Singapore-based firm helps companies to register their business, as well as manage their governance, accounting, and tax compliance online.

However, what happens when people cannot contact an organisation that is supposed to help with their business?

Sleek traced the issue with their call centre platform at the time.

According to Erwan Croguennoc, Head of Data at Sleek, they were previously using another cloud-based, call-tracking tool that is integrated with their CRM platform HubSpot. Over time, however, the company noticed intermittent call connectivity issues and service outages that were impacting their sales pipeline.

“Calls from prospects and customers were simply not making their way to our teams,” recalled Croguennoc.

As soon as the matter was raised with their service provider, it still took quite some time to fix the issue, prompting Sleek to sever ties with them.

Call transfer

One of Sleek’s primary considerations upon choosing a new call centre services provider was that the latter’s system must be compatible with their CRM platform.

Erwan Croguennoc, Head of Data, Sleek. Image courtesy of Sleek.

This was when Sleek decided to connect with cloud-based phone call solutions provider Aircall.

As per Sleek’s Croguennoc, Aircall got their phone system up and running in just a couple of days.

“The integration with Aircall was quick and easy. Our inbound calls are getting routed instantaneously to the correct recipients, and we can track their source and follow up promptly.” he remarked.

Differentiating itself from videoconferencing platforms, Aircall is described as an integrated phone and communication platform, which provides a suite of features to manage voice communications, including call routing, call queuing, call recording, and analytics, said Hugo Mas, Sales Director Asia, Aircall.

“Aircall’s phone and communication platform is designed to assist sales and support teams with their daily tasks, helping them to be more effective in their conversations. The platform seamlessly integrates with popular business tools, such as CRMs, helpdesk software, and e-commerce platforms, to provide a smoother experience for customers,” he said.

Dialling in for success

During the initial rollout, Sleek deployed Aircall for only one of its teams in a single country. Within a month, Aircall was deployed in four countries, with over 100 users and 17 phone numbers, Sleek’s Ewan Croguennoc shared.

“By utilising Aircall, we can manage our calls directly from within the HubSpot CRM, eliminating the need to switch between platforms. Additionally, Aircall’s integration with our telephony system ensures efficient call handling, leading to improved customer service. We didn’t encounter any issues when we started using Aircall,” he added.

According to the Sleek executive, Aircall’s call recording feature is user-friendly and plays a crucial role in the company’s quality assurance monitoring. The feature helps to ensure that agents provide customers with an excellent experience.

In addition to this, Aircall’s updated analytics interface provided Sleek a clearer view of its teams’ workload and performance.

“We can easily track the volume of calls we handle, in addition to the reasons for missed calls, which helps us identify any underlying issues with our customer service. This has helped us to improve our customer experience,” Croguennoc pointed out.

On the horizon

With Sleek empowering businesses on a day-to-day basis, the company has set some areas for improvement in the short-term. These included:

  • Optimising the end-to-end onboarding experience with RPA (robotic process automation) to streamline and deliver faster company registration.
  • Further leveraging AI and task automation to speed up back-office admin management.
  • Continuing to build on its business account offering to enable companies to start trading more quickly.
  • Recording and analysing the exact words spoken by customers during Aircall phone conversations.
Hugo Mas, Sales Director Asia, Aircall. Image courtesy of Aircall.

Meanwhile, Aircall’s Hugo Mas shared that they are prioritising scalable and efficient business growth, and they seek to achieve this by providing exceptional service to customers.

“We’re constantly searching for new integrations and features to add to our platform, so that we can offer the latest and most effective solutions to our customers. Some of the most interesting developments we have recently introduced include our voicemail transcription feature, and smart-routing system, which have been useful for improving team productivity and customer satisfaction,” he said.

In addition to these integrations, Aircall is also improving their platform and providing more personalised service to customers. Mas added that they are also automating certain tasks and analysing data to make better-informed decisions.

All these form part of Aircall’s push towards enabling business agility and adaptability, amid a rapidly evolving business environment.