Nippon Express expands cloud use to boost growth in S Asia, Oceania

Nippon Express South Asia and Oceania (NX SAO) is expanding its usage of the Salesforce Sales Cloud platform in 15 countries across the region, including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, India, Singapore and Vietnam.

A subsidiary of Nippon Express Group, NX SAO is a global logistics solutions provider based in Japan. 

As part of the company’s geo-diversification strategy for continued growth and competitive advantage, NX SAO sought to standardise its global sales processes and collaborate across teams more seamlessly. 

Before using Salesforce, NX SAO was managing its customer relationships at the individual country level which added complexity across its sales and marketing teams. 

With the implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud, employees will now be able to manage its customers under a single platform and leverage data insights from a single source of truth to drive all customer interactions, including lead generation, acquisition and nurturing of new customers, as well as maintaining visibility on their pipeline and opportunities.  

“Global visibility helps us capture commercial intelligence and enhance customers’ experience,” said Tanaka Hiroyuki, executive officer and managing director of NX SAO.   

Jeffery Foote, VP and regional sales chief executive at NX SAO, said the centralised digital platform will enable our sales team to significantly accelerate new business development by following a standardised sales process. 

In addition, the customer intelligence consolidated in one platform will help streamline efforts on building and enhancing products that will be critical to our customers’ future success.

“The pandemic and global environment has certainly put a strain on the logistics industry,” said Cecily Ng, SVP and general manager of Salesforce Singapore. “Despite the headwinds, we are heartened to see companies continue to seek innovation and find new ways to remain competitive.”