New Insights for Migrating Applications to Cloud

This Whitepaper is sponsored by Fujitsu and VMware.

Many organizations seek to leverage the many advantages brought by a successful digital transformation (DX). And wherever they may be in their DX journey, it’s well understood that the cloud is an indispensable component of it. That includes the public cloud, whether in a hybrid cloud environment or full-on public cloud with one or more cloud service providers.

Indeed, on-demand, scalable cloud models are absolutely crucial to not only achieving specific DX benefits like cost efficiency and business continuity, but also accelerating the DX plan overall. Cloud enables organizations to eliminate many of the IT-centric constraints that inhibit their core business. This is particularly true of core business apps – cloud native applications are more resilient and easy to manage, giving enterprises the ability to scale rapidly.

However, for many enterprises, their legacy business apps aren’t cloud-native – at least, not yet. These apps must be migrated to the cloud as part of their DX plan. This is not a simple drag-and-drop process – it takes careful planning to ensure a smooth and seamless migration of apps to the cloud. Otherwise, it can be a painful, error-prone and costly endeavor.

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