Nearly half of consumers want more online services after pandemic

Photo by Bruce Mars

Close to half (45%) of all consumers surveyed say they will use more online services post-pandemic than they did before it started, according to new research from ForgeRock.

The study polled 5,000 consumers throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and Singapore, to understand how consumer behaviours and preferences have evolved since the start of COVID-19 restrictions and how they plan to purchase and engage with the world in the future.

More than one-third (35%) of respondents warn that a difficult log-in process would cause them to cancel their account, while 32% said they would look to another service.

Consumers aged 65 and older have embraced their new digital lifestyles, with 31% reporting they plan to only shop online after stay-at-home restrictions are lifted.

One-third of consumers ages 18-24 won’t be returning to stadiums or theatres. Instead, they plan to keep watching sports, concerts and movies online post-pandemic.

“The COVID-19 pandemic forced consumers to change how they engaged in everyday activities traditionally handled in-person, such as grocery shopping, doctor check-ups and going to the movies,” said Ben Goodman, SVP of global business and corporate development, ForgeRock. 

“While the survey found consumers plan to keep up many of their new digital habits even after stay-at-home restrictions lift, it’s clear their tolerance for poor digital experiences is thin and many won’t hesitate to switch apps for something that’s easier to use and delivers a better overall user experience,” said Goodman. 

He said poor online experiences can impact the bottom line as consumers abandon their shopping carts when the checkout process is too long or complicated. 

“New apps are at greater risk for these pitfalls and businesses must react quickly with sophisticated digital identity approaches to keep the customer experience friction-free,” he added. 

Based on the survey findings, consumers will continue to engage online for entertainment, retail and banking after the pandemic. Other activities, such as education, might best be served in a hybrid online and in-person model. 

While Singapore and the US led in registering for new apps and online services, German respondents favoured in-person activities more than any other region surveyed.