Nanyang Polytechnic, StarHub rev up 5G in Singapore

Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) and StarHub have partnered to launch a new NYP-StarHub Application & Experience Centre for 5G (APEX 5G) Centre, as part of efforts to accelerate 5G innovation as well as to create a new cadre of super 5G talent.

“5G infrastructure is going to be a game-changer for industries,” said Jeanne Liew, principal and CEO of NYP. “StarHub’s sound technical expertise, coupled with our staff and students’ ability to support different industry projects, will definitely accelerate the implementation of the use cases we have developed in various organisations.” 

StarHub CEO Peter Kaliaropoulos said the two partners have been sharing expertise to nurture talent and advance technological solutions in healthcare, cyber security and data analytics applications.

The NYP-StarHub APEX 5G Centre is an all-in-one facility for training talent, industry co-development, and testing new use cases. Powering the proof-of-concepts at the centre is StarHub’s 5G network running on 3.5GHz and 28GHz trial spectrum granted by the Infocommunications Media Development Authority. 

Also, the facility will see NYP and StarHub leveraging their extensive partner networks of industry players for deep knowledge sharing, ideation and experimentation. They are in talks with various industry partners, such as Singapore General Hospital (SGH), Microsoft, STMicroelectronics, George Fischer, Senquire, Yitu, BHG Singapore and Avetics who will implement these use cases once 5G is commercially available in Singapore.

Located at NYP’s School of Engineering, the centre is expected to see over a hundred students annually, training in 5G and allied technologies and working on use cases spanning across industries. 

Practical case studies across different industries were showcased at the launch of the Centre today. Industry players saw how smart solutions for healthcare, retail, urban solutions and advanced manufacturing could be deployed and scaled up.

In healthcare, speedy and reliable transmission of patient data can make a critical difference in timely care and saving lives. SGH is trialling solutions that will enable real-time monitoring of patients at the Emergency Department to help staff identify or alert them to those who require immediate attention.