MonotaRO widens SE Asia reach with Adyen

Japanese e-commerce firm MonotaRO had adopted online payments platform Adyan to expand its reach outside of Japan, specially across multiple markets in Southeast Asia. 

A provider of maintenance, repair and operation supplies, MonotaRO is using Adyen’s single platform to offer a more intuitive checkout process and access to multiple payment methods that are popular in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Thailand. 

The one-time integration of Adyen’s Pay by Link solution into MonotaRo’s backend system further simplifies the invoicing process for both MonotaRO and its overseas business buyers who prefer paying via a payment link instruction. 

Through Adyen’s platform, MonotaRO can now make granular adjustments to market-specific risk profiles to make the checkout experience faster and simpler, even in the diverse Southeast Asian payment landscape. 

Using a combination of Adyen’s market-specific insight and integrated data enables MonotaRO to find the right balance between sufficient risk management settings and smooth transactions. 

Also, MonotaRO can now have a single view of all their Southeast Asia Dynamic 3D Secure transactions, allowing them to make adjustments to lower drop-off rates and increase conversions while still guarding against fraud.

Other backend efficiencies enabled by Adyen include real-time reporting and simplifying complex financial reconciliation.

Seiji Nishiguchi, head of MonotaRo’s overseas business department, said they experienced a surge in retail orders across key markets in Southeast Asia, in the wake of the pandemic and with safety restrictions in place.

“With e-commerce booming, even small business buyers today expect to be able to pay in their local currency and preferred payment method when making an online purchase,” said Warren Hayashi, Adyen president for Asia Pacific.