Microsoft, Terranova Security team up for security awareness training

Photo by Stephen Brashear

Microsoft has entered into a strategic partnership with Terranova Security to provide training to end users and address their customers’ most significant risk vectors – phishing driving risky end user behaviours.

“We chose Terranova Security for their human-centric approach, which draws on principles of behavioural science to create training content that demonstrably changes user behaviour, their comprehensive content catalog which will allow customers to customise training based on context and behaviour patterns, and their demonstrated commitment to diverse and inclusive,” said Brandon Koeller, principal program manager lead at Microsoft.

Koeller said Terranova Security provides the most enterprise-ready library of content in the marketplace, featuring trainings of every duration, covering all the social engineering variants across the spectrum.

“This allows Microsoft to leverage insights from our email threat protection solution, Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (Office 365 ATP) to personalise phish training—delivering the right training to the right users at the right time for maximum efficacy,” he said.

He also said the automation and integration built into Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection will leverage and target phish training content to deliver a seamless, context-aware and engaging user experience for all our customers. Insights generated will flow into analytics and recommendations that will help our customers customise and differentiate phish training for maximum effect within their organisations.

“Further, Terranova Security’s content will meet Level A Success Criteria of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Version 2.1, the highest bar of accessible content available,” Koeller said. “All of this means that any organisation in the world will be able to benefit from this security awareness training content.