MetroResidences unveils fully digital rental experience

Singapore-based MetroResidences is rolling out a series of product upgrades to its platform that significantly reduces the time taken for users to rent a residential accommodation, breaking the mould of the standard rental process of serviced apartments and residential accommodation providers.

The launch of these features extends to Instant Booking, Immediate Payment, Live Availability, and a Guest Dashboard. With the introduction of these features, MetroResidences continues to simplify how users make their next online accommodation rental. 

Traditional leasing companies usually see apartment rental processes range from one to two weeks, with the bulk of the waiting time resulting from payment confirmation, tenant screening, and contract signing. With the new digitalised rental system, MetroResidences is able to compress this waiting duration to just two minutes. 

While considering the demands of a changing global landscape, MetroResidences recognizes the need for instant confirmation. The Live Availability tool is available on all listings on its platform, enabling users to rent apartments that are available, removing the need to call in to check for availability.

Also, MetroResidences is providing users the flexible option of tailoring their stay with add-on services such as housecleaning, airport transfers, unlimited utilities, and much more. 

For payments, users have the option to pay either via credit card or bank transfer – a first in the industry which helps users avoid high admin charges.

Further, the new Guest Dashboard offers a transparent view of rental charges and allows users to fully manage their future rentals. It also allows users to easily upload required identification and travel documents — such as passport details and bank deposit slips — to be approved within 24 hours.

“The launch of these features establishes MetroResidences as one of the few platforms that offer a truly digital rental experience for residential leases greater than a month,” said Lester Kang, co-founder and COO MetroResidences.

So far, more than half of MetroResidences’ transactions are made instantly via this automated system. The company’s goal in the next three years is to move 100% of rental transactions online.