Meituan, Compass Hospitality strike deal for Chinese going abroad

Photo by Waranont (Joe)

Meituan, an e-commerce platform for services based in China, has signed with Compass Hospitality Hotel Group a strategic cooperation agreement that aims to provide convenient, safe and comfortable accommodation experiences for Chinese tourists overseas.

Compass Hospitality’s flagship store is now available through both the Meituan App and Dianping App, allowing consumers to browse and inquire about the price, location, and room status of all hotels run by Compass Hospitality across different cities in Thailand, Malaysia and United Kingdom.

This gives them the opportunity to make choices according to their needs and preferences along with the chance to explore and learn about the specialty restaurants on offer by Compass Hospitality through the flagship store.

Under the agreement, Meituan and Compass Hospitality will also cooperate on brand development, comprehensive hotel income management and data analysis.

In terms of brand development, in addition to strengthening the presence of its flagship store, Meituan will help Compass Hospitality promote its brand and enhance its brand awareness among Chinese consumers, especially the younger generation.

On initiative regarding hotel comprehensive income management and data analysis, the two sides will jointly explore the new “Internet + accommodation” model, which centers around driving accommodation business growth through using the internet and digital technologies.

With headquarters in Bangkok, Compass Hospitality has four hotel brands — Compass, Citrus, Citin, Ananda Resort & Spa — which are located in nearly 20 cities including Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Kuala Lumpur and various cities throughout the UK. 

Compass Hospitality operates various hotels ranging from budget properties, luxury oriented properties, lifestyle orientated properties, service apartments, resorts and boutique city hotels.

Since launching its overseas hotel booking business in 2017, Meituan Hotel has expanded to cover about 500,000 hotels in nearly 200 countries and regions.