MC Digital Realty, Arteria Networks boost Tokyo connected campus

MC Digital Realty (MCDR), a 50/50 joint venture between Mitsubishi and Digital Realty, is working with Arteria Networks to provide new connectivity that will directly link with MCRD’s NRT connected campus and the new submarine cable landing station near Inzai City.

The project,  which bypasses the need to interconnect in downtown Tokyo, will enable customers to deploy their critical applications at a key center of data exchange on PlatformDIGITAL. 

Digital Realty’s recent research highlights Japan’s leading role in terms of growth in data volumes in the Asia-Pacific region, with data gravity intensity in the Tokyo metro expected to more than double annually through 2024.

MC Digital Realty’s development in Japan reflects the need to enable this new approach in developing new communities centered around customers’ most strategic asset — data.

In January 2020, MCDR began construction of a key center of data exchange in the Tokyo II data center in the Inzai area of Chiba Prefecture. The company also unveiled its connected campus @ Inzai development roadmap with plans to build a 100- megawatt campus by securing adjacent land for data centre development. 

Arteria Networks is strategically expanding its optical network in Inzai City, and announced its plan to build facilities for a dedicated fiber connection at MCDR’s NRT 10 datacentre supporting a maximum capacity of 100 Gbps. 

Arteria Networks benefits from strategic access to international submarine cable landing stations in the northern part of Ibaraki Prefecture and Minami-Boso area of Chiba Prefecture. MCDR develops and operates data centres for global cloud providers and content providers.

Arteria and MCDR are collaborating to meet the growing data centre demand of global cloud and content providers in the Inzai area. By harnessing the global coverage options provided by international submarine cables, the two companies are contributing to the expansion of digital business in the Inzai area. 

“Customers in our NRT connected campus want an environment that allows them to process large volumes of global traffic,” said Bampo Tezuka, CEO of MC Digital Realty. “By collaborating with Arteria Networks, we will provide datac entre solutions that can meet a wide range of customer needs including such significant traffic demand.” 

Robert Davidson, senior director of network strategy in Digital Realty Asia Pacific, said that once this new interconnection path to the nearby submarine cable landing station is deployed, customers who use their data centres cross-regionally will have high-speed, low-latency access to Digital Realty’s global connected data community. 

“As an alternative to the traditional network hub concentrations in the Tokyo metro area, we will provide new distributed network hub functions connecting Japan to the rest of the world,” said Davidson.