Maxis, Cisco roll out SD-WAN for Malaysian firms

Maxis has forged a strategic partnership with Cisco to jointly deliver a wide range of technologies for businesses in Malaysia.

The first of many planned joint offerings from this partnership for the Malaysian market is the Managed Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solution for business.

“This software defined networking solution provides complete flexibility and enables enterprises to grow as their needs evolve in a digital, cloud and data driven world,” said Paul McManus, Maxis’ chief enterprise business officer.

Naveen Menon, president of Cisco ASEAN, said the partnership with Maxis is a significant step forward in accelerating digital transformation and driving new ways of working for enterprises.

SD-WAN enables operational tasks such as configuration, management and maintenance to be significantly simplified. Businesses are able to benefit from improved visibility and cost reduction by choosing to run over more cost-efficient connectivity options via Maxis’ varied network solutions.

Enterprises will have access to a converged connectivity solution that is flexible, scalable and cost effective, especially if it is managed for them by Maxis. The built-in security in SD-WAN also enables end-to-end secure communications and implementation of security policies across the network.

The Maxis-Cisco partnership was formalised with both parties inking a Memorandum of Understanding. As part of this collaboration, both companies are jointly committed to work together in accelerating the benefits and developing joint industry best practice capabilities.