Maxim’s ensures business continuity, data recovery with Veeam

Hong Kong Maxim’s Group, which operates Chinese, Asian and Western restaurants and food outlets in Hong Kong and Macau, mainland China and Southeast Asia has deployed Veeam Availability Suite to protect its growing volume of data arising from a rapid increase in business demand.

Maxim’s has seen rapid growth in data volume as it digitised and diversified operations and expanded its footprint across Asia in recent years. This growing volume of data has increasingly provided valuable business insights ranging from customer engagement to business operations. 

Given the value and importance of this data, Maxim chose Veeam to provide continuous data backup and recovery, resulting in significant reduction in data recovery times from hours to minutes with a 300% improvement in recovery time objective (RTO), reducing overall backup costs by 50% and minimising data loss with an improved recovery point objective (RPO) compared to its previous legacy backup solution.

“Data is among our most valuable assets, so data protection is critical to our organisation,” said Elton Tsang, lead of infrastructure and governance at Maxim’s IT group. 

“Veeam’s backup and recovery solution meets our needs for data protection due to rapid-growing IT demands,” said Tsang. “It also aligns with our mission to create high-resilience digital solutions backed by a hybrid-cloud infrastructure.”

Other benefits gained from adopting Veeam include a hybrid-cloud business continuity strategy and minimized operational risks and business impact from cyberattacks. 

Maxim’s has already deployed multi-layered defense systems against cybersecurity threats, including ransomware, but reliable data backup is the last line of protection for data recovery and availability to ensure business continuity.

Also, Maxim’s is enjoying up to 50% cost savings by using Veeam for scale-out and cloud backup. Moving from tape backup to cloud backup has led to significant backup cost savings, while Veeam has enabled Maxim’s to facilitate future business expansion.

Maxim’s upgraded to the latest version of Veeam Availability Suite during a storage architecture revamp in 2021, which brought about two key changes. 

First, the centralized SAN storage was redesigned as a scale-out architecture to ensure sufficient throughput for huge data volumes and to facilitate future expansion in multiple geo-locations. 

Second, off-site tape backup was replaced by cloud object storage to improve efficiency. An added benefit was a more environmentally friendly model that helped reduce waste and resources used during the tape backup and offsite transport process.

Maxim’s can also now make use of Veeam’s direct restore feature to the public cloud, with Veeam’s workload mobility being a key feature in enabling the company’s ongoing hybrid cloud adoption.