Mambu picks NetGuardians as partner in fight vs banking fraud

Photo by Ethan McArthur

Swiss fintech firm NetGuardians has teamed up with cloud blanking platform Mambu to step up efforts against banking fraud.

As the partnership focuses on digital payment fraud, NetGuardians’ fraud-mitigation software will be available to Mambu’s customers for seamless integration into the core banking platform. 

Mambu currently has more than 160 customers, including some of the Asia-Pacific region’s digital banks and lenders such as ZestMoney, The Wallet Engine and Nimble.

“Our business model is to partner with the best FinTechs in the world to allow our customers to compose exactly the IT infrastructure they need to fulfill their business goals,” said Ben Goldin, CTO and CPO of Mambu.

“NetGuardians’ fraud-mitigation software is a first-class solution that will plug-and-play with the Mambu core banking platform to address one of our customers’ biggest problems – combating payment fraud and keeping their customers’ money safe,” said Goldin.

Joël Winteregg, CEO of NetGuardians, noted that Mambu works with some of the most sophisticated digital banks in the world.

“These banks will now be able to use NetGuardians’ software to monitor in real time all the transactions across their business and stop any that are suspicious,” said Winteregg. “As digital payments continue to grow, our software will scale accordingly, maintaining the best levels of protection for the banks and their customers.”