Making IT infrastructure more accessible

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Today’s businesses and decision makers need data centre infrastructure that enables growth. As technology rapidly evolves, businesses need the ability to integrate new solutions and workloads efficiently and seamlessly, often within budget constraints. Unfortunately, IT staff spend more time on administrative tasks and system maintenance instead of innovation.

IT infrastructure is costly as well. In addition to purchasing, businesses must deal with overhead and upkeep. With time, such infrastructure will become outdated. Updating legacy systems means CIOs must find ways to get old technology work with the new. This is why IT solutions should be scalable with automated updates.

By outsourcing resource management, organisations can focus on innovating within the business. According to IDC, 63% of IT buyers stated that, when selecting an IT infrastructure provider, the availability of flexible payment options or pay-per-use is very important.

To address these concerns, Lenovo is introducing its TruScale Infrastructure Services, a new way to procure IT resources via a consumption-based, subscription model. With this new consumption model, businesses never take capital ownership of the hardware or other IT assets and pay for what they use each month as part of their operating expenses.

Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure Services is a true consumption-based model with no required minimum capacity commitment. With it, customers only pay for capacity when their workloads are actively running. Additionally, capacity can be scaled up or down to accommodate business needs, ensuring IT infrastructure investments are right-sized, all the time.


  • Right-sized, all the time
    Lets businesses benefit from the advantages of on-premises data centre hardware and services through a pay-as-you-go model.
  • Quickly provisions new capability
    Businesses can easily scale without incremental capital investments, keeping them ready for peak business performance and growth.
  • Stay ahead of change
    With TruScale Infrastructure Services, businesses get the latest Lenovo hardware that meets their evolving needs. They’ll also enjoy faster refresh cycles.
  • Take control of security
    CIOs and decision makers get peace of mind and the benefit of physical, on-premises security, capacity control, and protection of their data

For businesses, Lenovo TruScale is essentially the best of both worlds: they get a cloud-like experience with on-premises security and control.

Cloud isn’t necessarily the answer

In 2020, Lenovo commissioned a study with IDC and Gartner to analyse and map out where data centres are heading. It found that there has been an increase in the number of devices on the edge.

Image courtesy of Lenovo

The data created by these devices need to be managed, moved, and acted upon.

The research also found that there is a movement of compute towards the edge. Specifically, compute is moving towards the data, rather than the data moving towards the compute. Over time, these data need to be aggregated back to data centres, and these data centres need to act on this, to take inference out of information for artificial intelligence or predict what possible failures in the field or help manage these devices at the edge.

All of this requires more agile, hyper-converged systems that are faster and more capable of managing different information coming into them. This, however, can be increasingly complex for IT directors. They have to look at these new technologies while managing the explosion of data, as well as the interconnection of information and systems. Furthermore, core IT is increasingly becoming more cloud-oriented.

The current state of IT creates enormous complexity for CIOs, but these challenges are with the traditional thinking of moving everything to the cloud – which is not necessarily a panacea for all the problems that organisations have today. IT departments and CIOs are still bothered by concerns like data sovereignty, compliance with data protection acts, the creation of additional access points for security, or whether applications are cloud-ready or cloud-native.

Thus, migrating to the cloud can be expensive and challenging, and it might not always be the right option for everybody. Lenovo TruScale strives to provide the best of everything – all of the benefits of the cloud, but with the benefits of having data on premises, in the organisation’s data centre with security and control around it physically.

TruScale is a product that’s versatile, flexible, and simple.

  • It enables businesses to design and build the infrastructure or underlying financial agreement in any way that a business needs and likes.

  • It lets businesses make their own election on how much commitment and flexibility they want to make.

  • It doesn’t matter what platform a business has, whether it’s ThinkAgile or ThinkSystem products. Lenovo TruScale can be applied to anything within the Lenovo portfolio.

Benefits of pay as you go

  • With TruScale, Lenovo supports organisations every step of the way. They handle the management of the IT infrastructure so companies can spend more time focusing on their own innovation, which will drive that next creative application or benefit that will outpace competitors and give the advantage in the industry.,
  • Lenovo TruScale allows businesses to not have to worry about the basics, allowing them to see their on-site infrastructure in the same way as they could see a cloud infrastructure. It doesn’t matter where the compute workload is; Lenovo will ensure that everything runs smoothly and optimally round the clock.
  • TruScale also gives organisations full visibility into what’s happening within their environment. Lenovo has invested heavily in a portal that gives businesses all of the insights into metrics and performance data. Through the portal, companies can also set their budget so they can monitor expenditures. If a business is on a variable model, the portal can track tickets – where the status of the ticket could be seen in the system.

It’s more important than ever to ensure that organisations have the right expertise and partners helping them along the way. Everything starts with core infrastructure, and Lenovo TruScale can be a way to intelligently provide organisations the capability they need to start addressing the challenges of tomorrow, today.