M1 dives into Blue Planet to rev up CX in Singapore

Using a software-defined approach, M1 is transforming its mobile network to create a digital platform that uses Blue Planet intelligent automation software to simplify operations and improve the customer experience to keep up with the fast-paced lives of Singaporeans. 

The rise of gaming, cloud services, and 5G provide an opportunity for operators like M1 to digitize their business and tailor offerings to the specific requirements of their customers.

“Today’s consumers and businesses increasingly require not just connectivity but highly personalized experiences, which is why we are actively investing in our network,” said M1’s chief digital officer Nathan Bell. 

“By deploying Blue Planet, we can better focus on building an innovative and forward-looking technology infrastructure to leapfrog the competition,” said Bell.

M1 is deploying products o Blue Planet, a division of Ciena, including Multi-Domain Service Orchestration (MDSO) and Blue Planet Inventory (BPI), to achieve these goals. 

Blue Planet’s offering is an open software portfolio that’s purpose-built for automating the full service lifecycle. It provides end-to-end visibility and control to simplify service design, activation, and assurance in multi-vendor environments. 

The platform, which is modular and cloud native to ease integration and interoperability, promises to improve M1’s operational agility and helps transform their business to provide exceptional digital experiences for customers. 

Infosys, Blue Planet’s global system integrator partner,  provides M1 with tailored delivery services, leveraging Blue Planet DevOps tools and resources, to support its digital transformation. Implementing this network architecture so it can handle an array of use cases and a large number of devices helps M1 monetize its network and deploy the on-demand services customers require.

With the continued rise of 5G, service providers in Asia need to prepare their networks with the level of automation and simplification that is required to eloquently deliver services to end users.

With an agile and customer-centric network automated by Blue Planet, M1 expects  achieve its goals of delivering 5G and establishing Singapore as the digital hub for Asia.