Linktree picks Snowflake for unified customer data

Linktree chose data cloud company Snowflake to support the linking platform’s business intelligence and analytics activities.

Linktree enables creators, brands, artists, publishers, agencies, and businesses of all sizes to curate an online ecosystem and monetise their work, instantly guiding their audience to the destinations they care about. 

“Since Linktree launched in 2016, we’ve grown exponentially, with 15 million global users and 30 thousand sign ups per day,” said Rosyll Xavier, head of Data at Linktree. 

“The volume of data being generated has increased alongside this growth and we saw the need to develop a comprehensive data management strategy,” said Xavier.

She said that during 2020, it became clear to senior management that the database being used by the company was no longer up to the task. To set the company up for scale, Linktree realised the need for a scalable, sophisticated data platform to best support its growth moving forward.

Linktree began by using Snowflake to support its business intelligence activities. They scoured usage data for trends to ensure that strategic decisions were being based on an accurate picture of what was occurring in the market.

“We then built analytics to give our customers a better view and control over how their audience was engaging with their Linktree,” said Xavier. “Snowflake played a key role in helping us deliver near-real-time data so customers were always provided the most accurate picture possible.”

She said the next step was to use Snowflake as the supporting platform for a self-service BI offering for internal stakeholders. Rather than needing to rely on an analytics team, internal stakeholders would create queries and get their reports in an automated, self-served way.

“Having all data in a single location makes our BI capabilities very sophisticated,” said Xavier. “Previously we were being held back by having data in various silos, however, this is no longer a problem for us with Snowflake’s single, integrated platform.”

She said the new self-service capabilities now in place are allowing other parts of the business to make more use of data.

Linktree can now leverage Snowflake’s Secure Data Sharing capabilities seamlessly and securely, which had previously not been possible.

For Linktree’s users, the analytics platform is powered by Snowflake. Brands, creators, and entrepreneurs can easily query their own data and get insights into a range of factors to help inform their social media strategy, or simply understand their audience better.