LG Uplus real-time insights from Cloudera’s data platform

LG Uplus has chosen Cloudera’s data platform for improving its 5G network service quality and optimising the customer experience. 

With Cloudera, LG Uplus is enabled to leverage the actionable intelligence and insights generated from the data to support its digital transformation initiatives and future-proof its journey to the cloud.

As one of the first telecommunication providers to commercialise 5G services, LG Uplus has been focused on bringing innovative services to its customers and enhancing the work efficiency of network workers since 2019. 

With Cloudera’s data platform as its foundation, LG Uplus established the Network Real-time Analytic Platform (NRAP), which includes the necessary infrastructure to collect and analyse large-scale big data in real-time, from mobile devices to the service equipment of the telecommunication company.

The NRAP improves data utilisation and analysis accuracy by providing data lake and data warehouse capabilities that include the processing and transmission of terabytes of data within a few seconds to the integrated Network Management System (NMS). 

With the NRAP, LG Uplus has been able to achieve business benefits such as improving the customer centre’s customer quality response time and pushing the service-based network quality monitoring level to near real-time, thereby improving customer satisfaction and reducing the overall amount of fieldwork. 

With an integrated platform that supports real-time quality monitoring and analysis of network services, LG Uplus collects and categorises data by type and monitors it on a single dashboard to reduce overall network operation costs and improve work efficiency.

“By leveraging on data analytics, the NRAP has helped us to quickly respond to customer service quality issues while reducing the duplications in our operations,” said Jin-Soo Jang, manager of the NMS development team at LG Uplus.

“This has improved our work efficiencies, and sharpened LG Corporation’s competitive advantage in our path toward digital transformation,” said Jang.

Hyoung-Jun Kang, country manager of Cloudera Korea, said telecommunication providers need to be able to handle any data, anywhere from the edge to AI in order to make the most of the increased volume, variety and complexity of data and gain the enterprise data insights that drive business value.