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Can you see the future?

The physical and the virtual worlds are merging, and urban centres are undergoing unprecedented change. Healthcare assisted by robots; shopping lists crafted by AI and delivered by drones; 3D printed goods customised to fit like gloves; commute times that shrink to near-zero: technology is going to touch every aspect of future communities, and will fundamentally shape the way humans live, work and play. Centuries of urban planning is about to be upended because technology has changed the very logic of how cities physically organise themselves.

The future is decentralised, densely connected, and granularly customisable. Join us as we explore what it might look like, and take stock of all the different frontier technologies that will power it.

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Driving a security-first culture: Start by focusing on the basics

Cyberattacks aren’t going away any time soon.  Rather, we should expect such attacks to only increase in frequency. That means the real question is how...

Ducati’s sporting director talks tech, team and timing

Paolo Ciabatti is the Sporting Director for Ducati Corse, the racing division of the Italian motorcycle powerhouse. With his decades in the racing world,...

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Data center workloads have been increasingly rapidly over the past two decades, while energy prices have continued to rise, compute technology has evolved, and...

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Genomics: Life in a lab



► Opportunities and Challenges in Genomics and Sequencing

In this podcast, Sinisa Nikolic, Director for High Performance Computing and AI at Lenovo Asia-Pacific, decodes some of the most significant challenges prevailing in the genomics arena and how technology is making research faster and less resource-intensive.

► The Infrastructure Backbone for Smart Cities

In this podcast, Director for High Performance Computing and AI at Lenovo Asia-Pacific Sinisa Nikolic takes us through a case study of how the city of Barcelona transformed several aspects of its living spaces from tourism to security.



Accelerating the adoption of remote working in automotive design

Toyota used hyperconverged infrastructure from Lenovo and Nutanix to empower design engineers to work from anywhere with a virtual desktop infrastructure for 3D CAD applications.

Confidently accelerate your cloud transformation

Transforming your business from a traditional IT infrastructure to a cloud model enables the business agility you need to compete and thrive in today’s...

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Lenovo C-Suite Chat Show

12 Oct 2021 | 9:00 AM IST | 11:30 AM SGT | 2:30 PM AEDT

Join us for an exciting Lenovo C-Suite Chat Show with cricket legend and former captain of the Australian Cricket team - Steve Waugh, who is famously known as “Iceman”. Joining him will be Sumir Bhatia, President of Lenovo ISG, Asia Pacific and Nathan Knight, Managing Director of Lenovo ISG, ANZ. Tune in and listen to the most exclusive insights on Smarter leadership in Sports and Technology that drives The Data-Centered leaders like you.

From sharper strategies to faster decision making and team building tactics, find out how Steve Waugh leveraged a ‘Smarter’ approach to Win consistently. Just like how Lenovo drives Smarter IT for The Data-Centered like you with Smarter solutions that deliver better results.