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Can you see the future?

The physical and the virtual worlds are merging, and urban centres are undergoing unprecedented change. Healthcare assisted by robots; shopping lists crafted by AI and delivered by drones; 3D printed goods customised to fit like gloves; commute times that shrink to near-zero: technology is going to touch every aspect of future communities, and will fundamentally shape the way humans live, work and play. Centuries of urban planning is about to be upended because technology has changed the very logic of how cities physically organise themselves.

The future is decentralised, densely connected, and granularly customisable. Join us as we explore what it might look like, and take stock of all the different frontier technologies that will power it.

Latest Articles

Lenovo partners with organisations across APAC to upskill youth with future-ready tech skills

Lenovo is partnering with APAC youth organisations to provide future-ready tech skills and access to technology to underrepresented youth.

Singapore organisations outline genomics as game changer in developing drugs, vaccines, and precision medicine

In a Lenovo and Intel whitepaper, Singapore companies outline genomics as a game changer in developing drugs, vaccines, and precision medicine.

Harnessing the power of HPC for business

Lenovo's Sinisa Nikolic discusses the current high-performance computing (or HPC) landscape and where it's heading.

Three in five CIOs would replace half or more of their current technology if given opportunity

Research commissioned by Lenovo reveals CIOs are more involved than ever before in areas outside their traditional technology purview.

See it in Action

Video: Transformation with the Hybrid Cloud

Video: IT Requirements for Genomics Research

Video: Genomics: Life in a lab



► Opportunities and Challenges in Genomics and Sequencing

In this podcast, Sinisa Nikolic, Director for High Performance Computing and AI at Lenovo Asia-Pacific, decodes some of the most significant challenges prevailing in the genomics arena and how technology is making research faster and less resource-intensive.

► The Infrastructure Backbone for Smart Cities

In this podcast, Director for High Performance Computing and AI at Lenovo Asia-Pacific Sinisa Nikolic takes us through a case study of how the city of Barcelona transformed several aspects of its living spaces from tourism to security.



5 Key Components for Smarter Manufacturing

Perhaps the most visible aspect of Industry 4.0 is the concept of the ‘smart factory’, a term that typically conjures up images of automated factories leveraging AI, big data and robotics to make manufacturing more efficient, innovative and smarter.

5 Essential Components for the Smart Cities of Tomorrow

Creating smarter cities starts with two things: a clear idea of what you want to achieve, and a clear understanding of where you’re starting from.

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Lenovo C-Suite Chat Show:
Smarter Accelerates the Future

10 March 2022 | 9:00 AM IST | 11:30 AM SGT | 2:30 PM AEDT

Did you know today’s Formula 1 car uses 250+ sensors to continuously monitor every aspect of the race while creating 300+ million data points that drive winning decisions in real-time? This is precisely why tech teams at Formula 1 are popularly known as the “fastest R&D labs on earth”. With the need for processing of over 400 GB of data for each car in real-time at the edge, Formula 1 teams are continuously at the apex of innovation leveraging modern technologies like edge computing to secure smarter wins.

Join Mark Webber, former Formula 1 race driver, a champion and a straight-talking Aussie who blitzed the tarmac on his Formula 1 debut and raced his way to many memorable podium finishes. At the chat show, Mark, will talk about how Formula1 technology enabled him to be a data-driven racer and his remarkable wins during 14 exciting years on the Formula 1 circuit. On the racetrack, Mark will be joined by Lenovo leader Sumir Bhatia, who will rev up through conversational chicanes and corners while shifting gears from Formula 1 racing to Enterprise IT.

Join us and find out how The Data-Centered leaders like you, can ride the technology slipstream and accelerate your enterprise towards smarter wins, just like how Formula 1 drivers steer their machines to overtake challenges by leveraging smarter technology.