Lenovo picks GEP to support procurement globally

Lenovo chose GEP’s unified procurement platform to support its direct sourcing needs through GEP’s sourcing, project and supplier management solutions for direct spend.

GEP Software will provide a full range of cloud-native solutions to support Lenovo’s complex direct global sourcing needs through GEP Smart’s sourcing and project management capabilities.

Also getting support are Lenovo’s comprehensive supplier performance evaluation, information management and risk management to mitigate risk and drive value across its global supply chain as well as the company’s unique needs to continue to deliver smarter technology solutions and services.

GEP Smart is a unified, cloud-native source-to-pay platform, built on a data-centric foundation with artificial intelligence at its core and user-first design. 

The solution enables GEP’s Fortune 500 and Global 2000 clients to drive optimum efficiency, agility, visibility and actionable intelligence into all procurement and purchasing functions, while eliminating burdensome infrastructure and support costs to achieve maximum ROI.