Lenovo advances service-led transformation vision in Asia Pacific with TruScale

Bringing together Lenovo’s devices, infrastructure, and services businesses, TruScale is a consumption-based, as-a-service offering that enables IT leaders to address pain points and drive tangible business outcomes.

As technology and innovation continue to disrupt and reshape the business landscape, the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) has transformed dramatically. In addition to managing the purchase and implementation of technology, CIOs are now business builders tasked with driving the complete technology value chain. PwC reports that 93% of CIOs see themselves as responsible for company-wide strategy.1 From advancing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals, to future-proofing the business, CIOs are increasingly taking ownership of more business outcomes and being held accountable for more boardroom priorities.

To empower CIOs and IT decision makers to address this new reality, Lenovo is transforming from a devices company to a solutions and services provider. As part of a reorganisation earlier in 2021, Lenovo established a Solutions and Services Group. Serving as the connective tissue between all Lenovo’s innovative technology offerings, Lenovo Solutions and Services offerings are designed to provide CIOs with easier ways to manage IT so that they are freed up to focus on more strategic imperatives.

In line with this, Lenovo is advancing its services-led business in Asia-Pacific by introducing TruScale, a new everything-as-a-service offering. Bringing hardware, software, and services together, TruScale provides the flexibility for CIOs to simplify technology decision-making under a single, scalable, pay-as-you-grow solution. Leveraging global perspectives coupled with local insights and cross-industry expertise, IT decision makers are supported with solutions that meet their needs and solve key pain points for their business. For example, fully-managed infrastructure solutions provide the advantages of an on-premises cloud environment along with the peace of mind around data management in a hybrid environment.

“By fully integrating our as-a-service solutions under TruScale, Lenovo is well positioned to empower our customers in future-readying their IT infrastructure from the pocket to the cloud to address more complex technological challenges. Our goal is to enable CIOs across Asia-Pacific to take up the mantle of leadership that they are called to, innovate for the future, and drive tangible business results. We expect to continue driving strong vertical growth across manufacturing, education, retail and more,” says Ivan Cheung, Regional General Manager, Lenovo Central Asia Pacific.

Research shows the as-a-service market is growing at four times the overall IT services total addressable market2. The growing importance of the services market is also corroborated by Solution and Services Group performance to date – Lenovo’s FY21/22 Q2 earnings reflected strong profitability and growth for SSG.

The demand for ESG-related services is also on the rise. Research shows that 50% of consumers consider sustainability an important purchase criterion and differentiator3. As one of the first PC manufacturers to bring this type of carbon compensation service to the IT industry, Lenovo developed its CO2 Offset Service as a solution for its customers to help them meet their own environmental goals. Customers can also opt for Lenovo’s Asset Recovery Service, which mitigates the environmental and data security risks associated with end-of-life asset disposal while maximising the value of reuse opportunities. Lenovo is also making data centres greener through Lenovo Neptune water cooling technology, which saves enough energy to heat the water supply of 4,800 homes.

To bring channel partners the advantages of this services-driven vision and to help them tap into the growing regional market for solutions and services, Lenovo has also introduced Lenovo 360, a new channel framework. Lenovo 360 is a broad ecosystem of resources bringing together Lenovo’s people, programs, and platforms. With Lenovo 360, partners get access to a dedicated, single point of contact at Lenovo; souped up partner programs; and enhanced platforms such as Lenovo Partner Hub, enabling them to sell across Lenovo’s full portfolio of services and solutions.


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