KICKS CREW picks Forter to scale global operations

KICKS CREW, the global e-commerce platform for sneakers and apparel, chose Forter to help scale its business globally, by minimising friction within the buyer’s journey, driving revenue, and reducing fraud.

The footwear company believes that it is imperative that it is able to streamline the payments process for good customers and block fraudsters.

Relying on rigid rules and manual reviews to approve online orders means that many legitimate customers are declined for either being “high-risk” transactions or new to the site. For a brand that operates in multiple markets, it’s even more difficult to constantly customise rules for local market nuances. 

KICKS CREW was looking to expand its market without introducing any friction to the buyer’s journey. A fully automated approach to fraud management that delivered real-time, accurate decisions to improve customer experience, drive revenue, and increase approval rates would best serve their vision.

Because of this, KICKS CREW selected Forter’s Trusted Conversions product to help scale its operations globally by maximising genuine customer experience and lifetime value through precise fraud decisioning.

By assessing customer trustworthiness within an average of 400 milliseconds, KICKS CREW can now approve more genuine transactions and reject fraudsters, improving the customer experience and its bottom line. With Forter, KICKS CREW said it has increased its approval rate to over 97%.

In addition to its differentiated technology, KICKS CREW also benefited from Forter’s dedicated customer success team, which is said to understand each customer’s unique objectives, tune implementations, and ensure “exceptional” outcomes.

“Forter has proven to be an essential partner for our business, allowing us to focus on meeting the global demand for our products while creating a seamless customer experience,” said Ross Yip, co-founder and COO of KICKS CREW.

“As a result of Forter’s fully automated solution and ‘white-glove’ service, we can continue growing our business with peace of mind knowing we’re welcoming all legitimate customers while preventing fraud,” added Yip.

Liron Damri, president and co-founder and Forter, said KICKS CREW recognised that to scale and be truly accessible to their global customer base, they needed to create a seamless customer experience for current and future demand.