Keysight Technologies readies quantum computing lab at MIT

Image courtesy of Labber Quantum

Keysight Technologies is partnering with Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Center for Quantum Engineering to endow the establishment of a new 64-qubit quantum computing lab.

The test bed will leverage Keysight’s Quantum Engineering Toolkit (QET), which combines its best-in-class hardware with software from its most recent acquisition, Labber Quantum. 

“Keysight’s acquisition of Labber, a start-up out of the MIT EQuS (Engineering Quantum Systems) group, presents exciting new opportunities to drive next-gen innovation in quantum technology,” said William Oliver, director of the Center for Quantum Engineering at MIT.

“EQuS looks forward to applying Keysight’s emerging quantum software and hardware solutions to our new quantum computing test bed,” said Oliver, who is also leader of EQuS, where the test bed will reside.

Keysight’s quantum solutions portfolio includes a scalable, high-performance qubit control system that when combined with Labber’s software, will handle instrument control, signal generation, qubit calibration, and device testing. Together, the solutions ensure customers will accurately and efficiently implement quantum algorithms on today’s emerging quantum platforms.

“The collaboration with MIT, and addition of Labber Quantum to Keysight’s solutions portfolio, demonstrate our commitment to advancing quantum computing,” said Satish Dhanasekaran, SVP of Keysight.