Japan Airlines unit picks IFS solution for fleet maintenance

Photo courtesy of IFS

JAL Engineering, the maintenance and engineering subsidiary of Japan Airlines, chose IFS to support fleet-wide long range maintenance planning. 

To be deployed in the cloud, the IFS solution will provide long-range planners with the unified information insights they need to quickly develop and share regulatory-compliant fleet maintenance plans that best support aircraft availability, task yield, and hangar use for nearly 200 aircraft.

The IFS fleet planning solution replaces a JAL Engineering legacy fleet maintenance planning process that needed extensive manual intervention. 

The IFS solution will allow the engineering team to manage more aircraft with reduced human intervention due to an efficient user experience, reduction in manual processes, real-time alerts, and automated processes.

Also, IFS’s planning and maintenance solution will improve visibility across the organisation by providing real time planning updates. 

JAL Engineering staff will now be able to effectively examine the impact of key strategic decisions in the organisation — such as modifying aircraft induction/retirement, adjusting resource levels or changing utilisation levels — while also comparing key performance indicators.

“With IFS fleet maintenance planning software JAL Engineering can automate processes that were previously manual and labor intensive, improve team collaboration by allowing planners to work on a single plan simultaneously, and ultimately decrease aircraft downtime and maximise task yield,” said Ryo Tamura, president of JAL Engineering.