Jakarta City Hall deploys SAS-powered super-app,  flood control

Multinational analytics software company SAS Institute has partnered with the Jakarta City Government to boost the deployment of digital transformation initiatives such as the Digital Government Plan and the Flood Control System. 

“Given the growing needs of citizens worldwide, digital is the way to go to develop solutions more accurately and instantly. This partnership with SAS has helped Jakarta City Government to serve its people better and further elevate the resilience of Jakarta citizens,” said Yudhistira Nugraha, director of Jakarta Smart City which is part of the Department of Communications, Informatics and Statistics of DKI Jakarta Province.

In 2019, Jakarta Smart City developed Jakarta Kini (JAKI), a one-stop digital platform and super-app for multiple government services to help address the needs of its citizens. 

JAKI processes and analyses diverse data from various reliable sources to gain a better understanding of the citizen needs and the services they require in the capital city through the application of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning..  

SAS Institute is among the main technology providers in the implementation of the Digital Transformation Plan. With its advanced analytics solutions, SAS ensures that JAKI is a reliable platform that provides accurate real-time information and data-driven insights that help improve the lives of Jakarta citizens.  

For instance, through JAKI, residents can access health services like calling an ambulance or checking out the services at various public health facilities, in just a few easy steps. 

The platform also assists the city’s COVID-19 response by helping disseminate reliable information and data, including a real-time monitoring map, a chronological map, a distribution map, and a map of regional control. 

In addition to healthcare, JAKI also integrates other government services such as education, health, trade, disaster, and licensing services. It is equipped with mobile-based public complaint management to incorporate systemic improvements into the platform. 

SAS Institute is also firming its partnership with Jakarta City Government by assisting with the city’s Flood Control System. By leveraging SAS Analytics for IoT, the JAKI platform predicts and monitors at-risk areas in real time to reduce potential damage or harm, and increase public awareness of disaster situations. 

With these predictive capabilities and analysis, Jakarta City Government can mark when to activate water pumps, which will help accelerate disaster responses and improve preparedness for flood emergencies. 

The system uses SAS Analytics for IoT  alongside sensors and weather data that assess real time situations of stream levels and predict where and when flooding may occur. 

By using AI and machine learning, the SAS solution quickly and accurately gathers and acts upon large sets of data in real time, thus leading to an accelerated time or speed to execute the critical actions that reduce or eliminate damage to life, property, and businesses in the city. By using the SAS solution, the city has reduced data gathering time from an hour to five minutes.