IT, business management pros would switch jobs for better career path, mentorship

Photo by Anna Shvets

A survey by software and database firm EnterpriseDB (EDB) found that application developers, as well as IT and business management professionals would consider other roles that offer stronger career path options, better mentorship, and a greater opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies.

The survey was conducted at EDB’s Postgres Vision 2021 conference held last June, and interviewed more than 1,000 application developers, and IT and business management professionals. Findings show that employees will quit when motivated by improved career path options (24%), better mentorship (17%), and the opportunity to work with more cutting edge technologies (16%).

When asked to rate their employer’s approach to new training initiatives during the pandemic, 53% of respondents said they view the approach to new technology training more positively, while nearly half (48%) had a more favorable perception of compliance training.

When asked which programs their employer rolled out during the pandemic, respondents said only 10% of their employers rolled out new mentorship programs, only 13% conducted soft skills training, and only 14% provided wellness programs.

Furthermore, 59% of respondents viewed their organisation’s approach to management training less favorably.

“Technical professionals are sending a clear message to management on what keeps them engaged,” said EDB president and CEO Ed Boyajian. “As employers and leaders, we need to actively support their development.”

“Whether it’s offering more mentorship, training in the best technologies, or promoting overall well-being, we must invest in what inspires our teammates and helps them grow,” said Boyajian.