Insider brings AI-backed experiences to Singapore Airlines fliers

Photo by Tom Dennert

Singapore Airlines has chosen Insider to help drive its digital growth and deliver seamless, personalised experiences to customers across all its channels. 

“Using the latest AI technologies, Insider’s Growth Management Platform will enable Singapore Airlines to deliver highly personalised, meaningful experiences to each individual based on historical, real-time and predictive data,” said Hande Cilingir, CEO and co-founder at Insider.

Cilingir said they are incorporating the latest technologies like WhatsApp Business API and Facebook Messenger to increase the number of channels, helping marketers deliver consistent experiences.

Insider’s platform can serve contextualised recommendations on-site and optimise Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by predicting which users are most likely to convert. 

Singapore Airlines also wanted to improve its key metrics such as conversion rates, ancillary revenue, and customer satisfaction scores. They were looking for a multi-channel, industry-leading platform that would integrate seamlessly into the existing tech stack and empower the marketing team to move quickly in response to ever-changing consumer demands. 

Using the entire platform, Singapore Airlines will be able to personalise customer experiences at every stage of the funnel from acquisition and activation, through to retention and revenue.

Onsite personalisation can be used to tailor the booking experience to each individual user’s needs and drive conversions. At the post-booking stage, push notifications can be optimised to drive customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases. Finally, a combination of onsite personalisation and recommendations can be employed to drive hugely important upsell, or ancillary revenue.