InfoSec 2021: A Special Issue

This special magazine issue is sponsored by Armis, BlackBerry, Cisco, Fujitsu, and Lenovo.

2020 was in many ways heralded as a breakthrough year before it began – it was the year that the promise of 5G was to be realised; low-power IoT devices, robots and drones would take over menial and dangerous jobs; and researchers would make significant headways in quantum computing.

Instead, we got a pandemic that still rages and unprecedented data breaches.

Work from home became mandatory government regulation rather than an easily ignored nag from HR, for which massive changes in security posture were necessitated. Whatever was left of the network perimeter disappeared entirely, and the chaos of devices employees were using to communicate with their colleagues made pre-pandemic shadow IT pale in comparison. 

Amidst all this, no single job function has been busier than the CISO. They have had to deal with the disruption in enterprise operations that forced new ways of ensuring data and devices remained secure. They then also had to work through upheaval in their own department as budgets were cut, team members were dispersed over regions in lockdown and cyberthreats specific to the pandemic systematically tore through barriers that simply weren’t ready for COVID-era cyberwars. 

InfoSec 2021 is a special 28-page magazine from Frontier Enterprise that aims to decode information security changes in 2020 and unpack the threats and risks of 2021 – it takes stock of the changes we’ve seen and attempt to predict what the next year will bring. It features the following:

Architecting a Comprehensive Security Posture
– Lennart Lopatecki, Regional Information Security Officer – APAC, Bayer

Agile Security in Uncertain Times
– Chris Tan, Client Technologist, Cybersecurity, Central Asia Pacific, Lenovo

Information Security 2021: How COVID-19 Changed Cybersecurity, and What’s Next
– Editorial Feature

Balancing Security, Employee Experience and Cost
– Points of View

Secure Access at Scale
– Curtis Simpson, Chief Information Security Officer at Armis

Manufacturing Security
– May Yap, Chief Information Officer and SVP, Jabil

Visibility and Control
– Kimura Takuma, President, Kyocera Document Solutions Asia Limited

The Herculean Task of Managing Employee Security
– David Nicol, Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand, BlackBerry

Securing the Digital Supply Chain
– Anthony Chow, Head of IT Security, Chong Hing Bank

Remote Work Security
– Kenneth Boey, Senior Manager, Security Services, Fujitsu
– Syed Abdul Rahman Alsagoff, Regional Cloud and Endpoint Security Specialist, Cisco

Crypto, Fraud, and Payment Security
– Safdar Khan, Division President, Southeast Asia Emerging Markets, Mastercard

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