Informatica drives Jardine Motors’ shift to e-commerce

Image courtesy of Jardine Motors

Jardine Motors Group UK is leveraging Informatica Customer 360 to implement new e-commerce platforms that enable the company to sell vehicles end-to-end online, as well as consolidate its single view of a customer and vehicle in Salesforce. 

By deploying an integrated Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services platform, Jardine Motors has been able to build better customer relationships and comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy mandates and rights requirements around customer data.

Operating motor vehicle franchises in more than 50 locations in the United Kingdom, Jardine Motors represents some of the world’s most prestigious and recognized car brands, including Audi, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Land Rover, Ferrari, Aston Martin and McLaren. 

One of the challenges Jardine Motors has faced over the years is the proliferation of customer data across multiple systems. This is common in the automotive industry as manufacturing partners often require dealerships to use certain systems, and there are deep integrations between systems for after-sales service and parts. 

As a result, customer data was vastly distributed across dealer management and sales lead management systems, without a unique record for each customer. This made it difficult for the company to offer individualized customer journeys across different channels, including web and social media, and bridge online, in-store, and on-lot customer experiences.

When the global pandemic struck, Jardine Motors immediately implemented new e-commerce platforms that enabled the company to sell vehicles end-to-end online.

“Thanks to Informatica, we have been able to adapt our business to evolve with changing consumer needs,” said Alex Brown, head of digital marketing and transformation at Jardine Motors. 

“By improving our digital offerings and obtaining a better view of our customers, we have quickly pivoted into e-commerce, which has been vital to offsetting the challenges of in-store and on-lot interactions brought on by the pandemic,” said Brown.

The platform is also being used to transform other departments within the organization. For instance, Jardine Motors is currently moving customer complaint handling to Salesforce Service Cloud to improve service experiences, using the single customer view provided by Informatica Customer 360.